Our Story

Controversial digital asset designed to work as a medium exchange that uses Cryptography to secure it's transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

xZAR aims to change the traditional centralized social payment system through blockchain technology.

We will link all needed applications to increase performance to focus on developing a stable, better and reliable token.

Our Vision

To connect companies, payment providers, digital assets holders and local businesses via xZAR to provide one friction less experience to send money across Southern Africa. xZAR can help solve financial data security issues and trust problems, bringing greater potential to the financial sector.

The advantage of reducing risks, improving efficiency and saving resources in payment settlement, especially in cross border settlement. xZAR can confirm the rights of work through time stamps to prove the existence, authenticity and uniqueness of a paragraph of text, video and audio.






ERC20 Token

Smart contract: 0x34b85a27ef6f06c536d8e549b9aac66bd8af3335



Token total supply

We issued a fixed amount of 1,048,000 xZAR  tokens. No new tokens will be created or mined the after.

Increase in value

0.25% of the transaction will be destroyed, so each transaction made will reduce global supply. Makes it's value raise


Team Locked Tokens

The teams tokens are going to be locked for a period 12 months and thereafter will be opened gradually until a 4 years period.

Safe & Secure

Fully decentralized by using smart contract. Information that cannot be altered by anyone.

Token Allocation

  • Community & Development

  • Promotion

  • Team

  • Admin, Legal, Security & Compliance

  • Investors & Future Partnerships



Our team is prepared to answer all your queries and solve any issue you may raise.

Support team

Our solutions have an excellent performance in speed, safety and reliability so that there are no problems in their use.

Smarter Transactions

xZAR Will solve many problems and issues of payments between companies by using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making.


xZAR solutoins are as follows and easy to use, you can make purchase and recieve payments hassle-free and with just a few clicks by using your ERC20/ETH accepted wallets.


The lowest fees available  right now.

xZAR allows you to send money any where in the world without worrying about exchange rates and instant transactions.




coming soon

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